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I've never written a song/album review before, so please bear with this very first (mini) album review of mine. I was planning to review mr. mr. soon after the mini album released a week ago but then I postponed it because I wanted to wait until they release the MV first. I actually don't know why I want to review this mini album, seeing as this isn't exactly my favorite release from SNSD or SM but never mind, let's just get started.

sooo after more than a year (and slight drama for the past weeks involving YG declaring war, MV data corrupted, and album leaked on iTunes) my girls are finally back! as an avid fan of SNSD for the past 4 years of course I felt excited and anxious. would the song be awesome? would the whole mini album be flawless? would I like the MV? and my questions got answered days yesterdays when they finally released the mini album and MV.

as you all know already, this mini album only contains 6 songs with mr. mr. as the title track. I should tell you beforehand that I like this song. the song sounds okay and normal and badass and sexy and it doesn't make me wince at the first hearingㅡif you understand what I mean. as a comparison, I literally said "WTF IS THIS?" when I first heard I got a boy because the song literally confused the hell out of me. even when it finally grew on me, until now I still think that I got a boy is an ... odd and messy song. I didn't do or feel the same when I heard mr. mr. for the first time so yeah I guess it should be a good point, right?

ㅡor not?

well I must say that mr. mr. sounds ... flat. I could've said "boring" instead but that isn't the right word. mr. mr. isn't boring, it just sounds very much similar to any other SM's japanese songs. the song and MV totally give me the same feels as mr. taxi, galaxy supernova, paparazzi, my oh my, etc. it's not necessarily a bad thing but in this case it's not a good thing either.
you see, I'm not a fan of SM's japanese releases. some of them are actually good and I really enjoy themㅡfor example the songs I've mentioned in the previous paragraphㅡbut some of them are so-so or completely horrible (cough flower power cough). I even had an imaginary theory that mr. mr. was supposed to be a japanese single but then SM changed their mind and converted it into a korean song for SNSD's next comeback just because they ran out of songs, LOL.
so what I'm trying to say is mr. mr. is a very good and enjoyable song, just like most SM's japanese songs. but unfortunately, just like those songs, it doesn't give me the same excitement and that feeling I usually have towards korean comeback songs.

that was my opinion based on only the song. I was hoping I would grow to love mr. mr. much more after watching the MV because watching MVs somehow do wonder to me most of the times, like the song magically turn a few degrees more enjoyable after. but it didn't work this time because the MV was ... kind of disappointing to me. I expected more dance parts but what I got was lots of random scenes and shots of odd shiny objects in a weird hospital. don't get me wrong, the girls look gorgeous in the MV and the dance break part is totally cool but ugh somehow the MV still doesn't make me love the song even more. sorry :\
but I'm still curious though of what the hell were they doing to that poor guy on the operation table, LOL.

and as the other songs in the mini album uhmmmm I have nothing much to say.
I totally love goodbyeㅡthat song sounds really good OMG. but the other songs honestly don't give me great impressions, especially europa which is my least favorite song of the mini album.
wait a minute sounds okay even when the choreography is a bit too cute for my liking and I can see why most of my friends like back hug.
soul sounds so familiar to me but that's because they have performed the chinese version of the song a couple of weeks ago. the song is pretty cool btw and some of my friends even thought that this supposed to be the title track instead of mr. mr. I don't know whether to agree or disagree because on one hand soul is a more upbeat song than mr. mr. thus has a better choreography IMO, but on the other hand I don't love the song better than mr. mr.

so I guess that's all I can say about SNSD's latest comeback. I hope no one gets offended because this review is purely based on my opinion and taste. if you disagree with me and think that mr. mr. is the best thing that ever happened in kpop then so be it, I won't oppose you for having different opinion with me. SNSD is still my number one favorite girl group, though, and I still love + support them :)
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