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"compared to others' life, mine is a bit noisier."

okay, I know I'm late. like super late. very very extremely late. but whatever, better late than never, right? especially for such a great drama like this one, I'm thankful I watched it despite being 2 years late rather than not watching it at all.

anyway this may sounds weird but I became interested in this drama because of kill me heal me. I finished watching it like a week before and jisung's acting really amazed me that I became curious about his wife's (lee boyoung) acting. not really related, I know, but that was how I hear your voice was added to my to-watch list.

I hear your voice (너의 목소리가 들려) was aired on SBS from june to august 2013 (and I only watched it last month, lol). it tells a story of park sooha (lee jongsuk) who has the ability to see/hear other people's thoughts by looking at their eyes. he miraculously got the ability from a car accident involving him and his father when he was still a kid. the accident itself wasn't actually an "accident" since it was planned by a guy named min joongook (jung woongin) to kill sooha's father.

after killing sooha's father, min joongook was about to kill the little boy as well but his intention was thwarted by the presence of jang hyesung (later played by lee boyoung) and seo doyeon (later played by lee dahee) as eyewitnesses. both girls managed to run away even after being threatened by min joongook to remain silent and not reporting him. at the day of the court, hyesung still showed up to give her testimony that led to min joongook being convicted and imprisoned. the killer swore that someday he would go after hyesung to seek revenge. feeling totally indebted and thankful for hyesung's action (and also involuntarily having a crush on the older girl), little sooha then vowed to always protect and guard her.

ten years later, park soohawho never forgot about his vowfinally met jang hyesung again. and almost at the same time, min joongook was released from prison and began to plan his revenge action. sooha then lived with hyesung as her bodyguard and at the same time helped her doing her job as public defender (his reading thoughts ability was very useful in the court). what happened next was pretty much predictable: sooha's crush developed into love and later on hyesung also began to feel the same way towards the younger guy.

I can't remember when was the last time a korean drama managed to make me all giddy and excited like how I feel while watching I hear your voice. now somehow I can understand why people (girls) are so crazy about lee jongsuk. he's so ... charming? lol idk tbh even though he did a great job in playing park sooha, his acting wasn't that extraordinary (compared to jung woongin who played min joongook for example) and he wasn't exactly the most handsome korean actor out there. but he was ... just ... so ... attractive. you know what I'm saying? *insert dreamy eyes emoticon*

anyway lee jongsuk's attractiveness is just like 35% of why I love this drama. the other actors/actress' actings are just as (or even more) awesome. they played their characters well, even the annoying/evil ones, even though I personally don't think this drama has a too-annoying character. evil, yes, but not annoying as in annoying stepmother or fiancee or ex or mother-in-law or neighbor's daughter (?) or whoever. oh and also yay for no stupid love triangle! there are love triangle(s) though but not that unbearably stupid imo lol.

not to mention I really, really like the chemistry between lee boyoung and lee jongsuk. they have 10 years age difference between them yet they still look great together without any awkwardness. turned out they were pretty close in real life that lee jongsuk was invited to lee boyoung's wedding and lee boyoung even sent a food support for lee jongsuk's next drama. gotta love their siblings-like relationship :)

overall I give this drama a 9/10. yes, it's a high score because it deserves it :)

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