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and the most overrated drama of the year goes to ...

yep, she was pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) that many people have been talking about for the past weeks/months.
according to wikipedia, it's a romantic comedy about two past acquaintances who meet again after they've gone through a reversal of fortunes and appearances, set in the backdrop of a fashion magazine's publishing office.

the plot is pretty simple and tbh it's probably one of the few things I like about this drama. the girl aka kim hyejin (hwang jungeum) used to be very pretty when they were kids meanwhile the boy aka ji sungjoon (park seojoon) was chubby and unattractive. they were pretty close to the extent they became each other's first love but unfortunately sungjoon had to move to US and they parted ways. years after they met again but sungjoon—who had grown to be a very attractive man—couldn't recognize hyejin because on the contrary to himself, hyejin had changed into a clumsy annoying unattractive woman. she then asked her pretty best friend, min hari (go joonhee) to pretend to be kim hyejin so that sungjoon wouldn't be disappointed. but of course hari had to fall in love with sungjoon and then sungjoon still fell in love with the real kim hyejin despite of their bad relationship at the beginning.

it sounds not bad, right? then why I dislike this drama?

lol okay I admit I was probably being too harsh. this drama isn't that bad, I quite enjoyed watching it tbh. but I guess it's just not my cup of tea and I do think this drama is a bit overrated. you see, my friends/colleagues love this drama so much they can't shut up about it so I thought I should give it a try and I started watching it immediately after its last episode aired in south korea. I must say I had a quite big expectation for this drama because everybody said it was good, it was funny, it was romantic, park seojoon was freaking hot, etc.

but after watching it, I don't really get the hype. sorry :\

first and foremost, hwang jungeum's acting in this drama annoyed the hell out of me. istg watching her acting on the first 7-8 episodes literally and figuratively gave me headache. I know she's a good actress and she always goes all-out in her acting but honestly most of the times I see her acting as exaggerated and annoying. if you watch her dramas you'd probably understand what I mean. but in all honesty her acting in kill me heal me was okay though, still exaggerated in some parts but much more bearable. maybe because kill me heal me is a bit more serious drama than she was pretty.

second, I personally think hwang jungeum and park seojoon had a better chemistry in kill me heal me. nuff said.

third, tbh I wasn't that impressed by siwon's acting as kim shinhyuk, which apparently got so many praises from lots of people. but then again everything about this drama is overrated to me including his acting so yeah sorry about that. not saying that he did poor though, he did good but hey I'm not an easily pleased person. *shrugs*

fourth, everything just went boring after seungjoon found out that hari wasn't the real hyejin and hyejin was, well, hyejin. it was just fluffs and rainbows after that and it wasn't even the last episode. I like fluffs, a lot actually, but I also think that the last 2-3 episodes of a drama should be full of climaxes and complicated things before the storm calms down if you understand what I mean. oh well but maybe that's just me and my personal preferences like the rest of this post so please don't take it personally :)

I give this drama a 6 out of 10. again, it's subjective so feel free to politely disagree. heck, lots of people actually like this drama so I'm probably a minority here lol. if you're looking for a light romance comedy with a hint of fairy tale, then you'll probably love this drama much more than me.
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