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a shy hello.


welcome to my personal livejournal :D
this is my personal space where I will post anything I like and most of them will be fiction, artwork, and any other kpop-related things. before you stroll around, I guess I shall make some kind of introduction to let you know what kind of person who runs this blog and what kind of things you may find here :)

about me.
my name is rum and some of my friends call me rumi. please call me comfortably.
I'm an '89-liner so most of you might want to call me unnie or noona but I still prefer to be called by my name.
definitely not the friendliest person on earth, moreover in kpop fandom. but at least I always try to be nice to those who are also nice to me.
I'm a cat lover and I strongly dislike snake. orange and pink are my favorite colors. I'm right-handed. just some random facts about myself.
I love writing and abusing photoshop. I'm not saying I'm best at it, but I guess I can consider myself good enough at it.

about fandom.
I love some groups but for some reasons I never label myself as a member of their fanclubs. like for example I love super junior but I can never call myself an ELF. same thing goes for my other favorite groups. I'm an independent fangirl and I just don't really like being "tied" to a certain fandom/fanclub, if you understand what I mean.
the main artists that I love and follow the most are super junior, SNSD, and I've been stanning EXO a lot for the past months. I also like and follow the other artists such as 2NE1, SHINee, IU, TVXQ, SISTAR, B1A4, and many more, but not as much as the main three.
most of the times I think I love my bias alone more than the group s/he belongs to. my ultimate biases are kyuhyun and seohyun. and ever since I became an EXO stan I found myself spazzing a lot about their leader, suho.
other than kpop fandom, I also belong to some anime/manga fandoms. my number one favorite anime/manga is detective conan. I also love cardcaptor sakura, the prince of tennis, and yakitate! japan. kudou shinichi is my first love and ultimate bias.

about pairings.
I'm not really into non-hetero pairings but that was before I entered EXO fandom, LOL. now I'm more open to non-hetero pairings like I ship almost all pairings within EXO, especially baekyeol, kaisoo, suchen, etc.
my ultimate hetero OTP is seokyu. you can tell that I'm a hardcore wire. a protective one, in fact, and I hate myself for that.
I have certain pairings that I dislike and I really don't want to talk about it. even their names alone upsets me.

well, I guess that's all from me. feel free to ask me anything in the comment section :)

and if you happen to be a fan (or merely a reader) of my fics, you can click the link below to access the master list of my works. thank you so much for reading my not-so-good fics but please take note that I'm not fond of silent readers and I strongly despise copycat and/or thief. I know I'm practically a nugu but I beg you not to re-post or re-upload my works without my permission, thanks.
( master fic list )
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annyeong! I was honoured that you visited my lj so I dropped by too.

your name is cho cute, rum. ♥ I'll wait for the day to call you rumi! ;)

I didn't really mention it in my new intro post but i was once a kpop fan too! I'm not as avid as before but I still like them. And whee, I liked SJ, SNSD and CNBLUE too. SHINee and TVXQ too!

Kitties! ♥ nyan~ orange reminds me of Mr. Simple. :p

Eeeeh? I didn't expect you to be an Indonesian! I thought you were more of a USA kind of person. Mah, I'm rarely right in these sort of things anyways. :3

Everyone needs internet. XD I was deprived from it for a week recently and I almost went nuts! Haha! I never used photoshop 3: if I do have one, I'd never know how to use it. XD I think IU is adorable and I like Park Bom. Its a bonus that we're bday-mates!
By the time B1A4 debuted I was already fading from the kpop fandom ;3; but from my sisters vids, I think Baro is cute. ♥

I dont think the not labeling yourself is weird at all! :D in fact, I think, I might be like that before for a moment..

Whee, most of my fav mems are there too~ kyu, hyun, yoong, jinki, changmin! fufufufu what great tastes lul /whacked

Hahaha! I get you~ its like, you know the boys can handle insults (cuz they're coo' liek dat B] ) but when it comes to girls, 'you mess wiz za girls I mess wiz yo' neck!' kinda thing rite?

I love reading conan. But I never really read them from th start, dunno y. Its like I read them as oneshots or smthn. I just love crimesolving. ♥
YAY! you did mention CCS before hehe. I remember enjoying watchng yakitate! when i was younger, I should watch them again...

I'm in for the non-het thing in kpop. Never really read any of those when i was in the fandom.

Yongseo! ♥ hahaha you obviously know that from my love for your series. ♥

Goodluck with Ocean and the Moon, rum! :]
this is probably the longest comment I've ever received! thank you sooo much ... errr how should I call you? aoki? reiko? ahahaha btw it's okay to call me rumi, though. it's like one of my favorite nicknames both IRL and internet :)

it's really nice to know that we share many things in common.
according to your livejournal posts, I assume that you belong to japanese (jpop, dorama, anime/manga) fandom now? CMIIW. I was once an otaku, that's why I'm more familiar with nihongo than hangul, but then my friend introduced me to kpop and ... here I am, LOL.
AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT WE ARE BIRTHDAY MATES? DON'T TELL ME YOU WERE BORN ON JUNE 1OTH TOO? if you really are, then it's daebak! I never met anyone who shares the same birth date.

"I thought you were more of a USA kind of person." I literally laughed at this. my english is pretty fail, how could you think I'm an american? :))

anyway, once again thank you sooo much for leaving a super long comment!
and thank you for supporting my yongseo story :D

Whatever you want really. Aoki reiko's my name in my fandom, i.e not my real name. ;P But for a head's up, most call me rei/reiko, with some exceptions like ichi-chan and reichii. /sweatdrops/ some of my lj friends here can get pretty creative hohho! I don't mind though, I like it when they do that.

Really~? :D because I really like the sound of rumi! Hai rumiiiiiiii! xD

hahah yes, falling deeper into animanga though, the jpop is there for the OSTs lol /smacked

EH EH EH? XD I'm more familiar in hangul (writing) than nihongo tbh. /fail/ bcz I admit hangul is easier. Although I understand japanese better I guess? idek hahahahaha I don't think I'd be forgetting how to write hangul soon because due to the kpop boom, Im seeing them more, thus I have like, more practise in reading them. xD

AH...... then I wont tell you that I'm born on June 10th? :P .........sorry to burst your bubble but I meant that I'm bday mates with Park Bom. xD

Ironically.... because of your english. HAHAHAH oh and maybe the way you talk or present yourself? idk hehehe

;) you're welcome!
I LOVE LONG COMMENT, no worries rei-chan :)
*I decided to call you rei-chan, I hope you don't mind*
and yaay it's totally okay to call me rumi :D

ugh I really want to learn korean and hangul but I'm afraid I'll get confused between them and japanese. they sound different and similar at the same time, it confuses me sometimes, LOL.

so ... you weren't born on june 10th? ah well, at least you were also born in june :D

NICE TO KNOW YOU, REI-CHAN. never hesitate to talk to me, okay?
I absolutely don't mind! :D It's to return the favor, no? ;)

If they talked fluently you'd bound to be confused. So take it slow. I think they're quite different but then when it comes to foreign languages we tend to think they sound the same. :p I advice to learn how to write first, it helps in pronouncing some new words you don't know in the future. /oh look did I just rambled? /whacked/

..... I need to talk in clear english next time. HAHAHA Internet has a way to make me kill all the grammar nazis out there. I meant that one of the reasons that I like park bom is that we are bday mates. :pp (I'd let this go but my guts doesnt want me to 'lie' hahhahaa whut nonsenzzee)

I'll keep that in mind. ;) but then, like what my twitter acc showed to the world, I never really hesitated. Even if they're nonsense. :p REMEMBER THAT GOGUMA RANDOM TWEET HOHO