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17 December 2013 @ 04:01 pm
June 10th, 2033

Houses turned into apartments, more buildings were built, streets and landmarks were changed—basically 20 years had given a lot of changes to the area. And yet strangely the library remained pretty much the same as Joonmyun could ever remember. The old building had undergone some minor renovations years ago, but in general it had not changed much and still looked more like a cathedral than a library.

It was Friday noon but the library looked unusually rather deserted. There were only a few people in the main hall and the smaller hall was completely empty. Joonmyun didn’t mind, though, he would always prefer solitude whenever he came there to reminisce his old days.

The moment he stepped into the small hall, he could feel his phone vibrating inside his pocket. Having a glimpse of who the caller might be, he promptly answered it.

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08 December 2013 @ 05:26 pm
my bias in EXO is kim freaking joonmyun but I was bored thus I decided to make some chanyeol icons from k.will's MV. gosh, I totally love the song and chanyeol looks damn gorgeous in it. late post, I know, but better late than never.
and as usual don't forget to credit properly if taking, thank you.

sneak a peek:

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27 October 2013 @ 07:49 pm

She had walked through that certain hallway for years already. The hallway itself was located in one corner on the third floor of the building that had became her second home for decades—or so at least how it seemed. In ordinary occasions, she would just walk with carefree steps and just flew as fast as she could towards the practice room at the end of the hallway, hoping that the practice session would end sooner so she could still grab a sandwich before heading to another practice room for another practice session.

But that day wasn’t just any other day or an ordinary occasion.
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18 July 2013 @ 06:43 am
June 16th, 2013

Not even a week had passed since their first meeting but Kim Joonmyun knew that he was already very much attracted to Seo Joohyun. He couldn’t explain how or why it happened, but one didn’t necessarily need reasons to like her anyway. She was beautiful, inside and out, and Joonmyun was sure he had never met anyone as perfect as her.

She was lovely and kindhearted. She was the kind of girl who wouldn’t hesitate to buy drinks for homeless people she randomly met in the street, or to comfort a crying little girl who lost her parents in the crowd, or to assist an elderly crossing the street. And the most important thing was that she was always sincere, a trait which Joonmyun believed had rarely found in most people nowadays.

Not to mention her bright brain. Oh, how he loved the times he had spent with her every day in the library, talking about many things from Korean history to current social issues. She was admirably knowledgeable and able to speak foreign languages—English, Chinese, Japanese, French—fluently. She would make a brilliant diplomat or even minister without any doubt.

Yet Joonmyun knew and understood fully why she didn’t become one.
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26 June 2013 @ 10:01 am
Don’t hesitate another minute, please take away my heart
Yes, the sharper the better, the night that even the moon has closed her eyes
If it were any other man, if it were a single verse taken from a comedy
Burn all the scars you’ve exchanged for that love

Baby, don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes
Baby, don’t cry tonight it’ll become as if it never happened
You’re not the one to disappear into foam, something you never should’ve known
So baby don’t cry, cry, my love will protect you

Exchanging only our separate fates that lead to one another
As inevitable as it seemed that we’d miss, I know we loved just as much
When you smile, sun shines, a brilliance you can’t fit into a framework of language
The waves crash my heart and crumble down, oh

Baby, don’t cry tonight, a night plagued by violent storms (Ooh, as if the sky will fall)
Baby, don’t cry tonight, it’s slightly befitting
To let you go at a moment that shines more brilliantly than tears like this
So baby, don’t cry, cry, my love will be remembered

Above the dark shade of pain, at the doorsteps of farewell
Even if I take a brutal fall, I can manage if it were for you
Uh, instead I’ll give myself to you who don’t know me
Don’t cry, give me chilling laughter instead of hot tears, baby

Say no more (baby) no more (don’t cry)
Please don’t hesitate at the moment you’ll become foam
Say no more (baby) no more (don’t cry)
So you can remain as a shining person, burn me with that dagger instead

The moonbeam that brims up in your eyes
This night that silently overflows with pain

Baby, don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes
Baby, don’t cry tonight, it’ll become as if it never happened
You’re not the one to disappear into foam, something you never should’ve known
So baby, don’t cry, cry, my love will protect you

The early sunlight comes down
A blinding force that reminds me of you comes down
At last my eyes that lost their way, cry cry cry
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23 May 2013 @ 02:37 pm
Kyuhyun fidgeted in his seat. Once in a while, his eyes glanced at the girl who was sitting next to him. Her expression remained calm even though her eyes didn’t budge from the white door in front of them. Clearly she was expecting the door to open anytime soon.

He then sighed quietly and shifted his gaze from her, scratching the back of his head uneasily. He began to regret his action earlier even more, for it was the main reason why they were where they were now.

“Next time, think before you speak, Cho Kyuhyun!” he cursed inwardly as he recalled what happened an hour earlier in the auditorium.

“H-hey, please wait!”
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30 March 2013 @ 06:52 pm
if you follow me on twitter and tumblr, you must be aware of my endless infatuation for this guy.
I've been wanting to make some icons of him for a while but I just had time to do it today. these icons are taken from moonlight prince's official pictures of changmin, I hope you like them :)
don't forget to credit if taking, and no claiming as yours, thanks!
oh, and in case you're wondering, the title of this post is "nae wangjanim" or "my prince."

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16 February 2013 @ 08:09 am
It was just one ordinary street in one quiet corner in London, nothing really special about it. The street was prohibited for cars and the other motor vehicles thus could only be traversed by pedestrians. On one side of the street, lined old small buildings made of stone which probably was built 50 years ago while the other side was filled by shady trees. And at the end of the street, people could find a small café that seemed to be the only possible destination for people who went to that street.

The street was located not far from a busy district in the city. At certain hours, it would be packed by people dressed in neat dresses and suits, walking hurriedly to their offices with minds filled with works and other important things. None of them had the time or thought to stop for a while and pay a little attention to the street.

Seo Joohyun was an exception. To her, there was something … magical about this street – she couldn’t find a better word to describe it. She found the street by accident a year ago, only two months after she moved to London to get her master degree. She was enjoying her usual evening walk by herself one day, trying to forget how much she missed her home and family in Korea, when she realized that she had lost her way back home. And before she knew it, she already found herself standing at the corner of the street.
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“in the nearby area where you live, travel around once. the alleys, hills, and buildings which you normally just passed by casually, observe them carefully. film it and treat it as notes. observe the place where you live. love it. understand it. this is the start of introduction to architecture.”

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03 February 2013 @ 06:03 pm
“Joohee-yah, be careful! Don’t run too fast.”

The said little girl stopped for a while only to turn around at her father who was walking a few feet behind her and looking rather overwhelmed for having to chase her around earlier. She gave him a wide, mischievous grin – which greatly resembled to his own – before starting to run again.

“Aigoo,” Kyuhyun sighed dramatically yet still smiling in amusement as he watched his 3 years old daughter running happily on the grass, her cheerful laughter filled the air. “You really enjoy this, don’t you?”

Cho Joohee didn’t reply him. Instead, she started to run backwards and hopped with her tiny legs as if teasing her father even more. Unfortunately, she didn’t see the gravel which lied behind the grass she was stepping on. As the result, she stumbled and landed smoothly on the grass, causing her father to run frantically towards her. “Joohee-yah, are you okay?”
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