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a shy hello.


welcome to my personal livejournal :D
this is my personal space where I will post anything I like and most of them will be fiction, artwork, and any other kpop-related things. before you stroll around, I guess I shall make some kind of introduction to let you know what kind of person who runs this blog and what kind of things you may find here :)

about me.
my name is rum and some of my friends call me rumi. please call me comfortably.
I'm an '89-liner so most of you might want to call me unnie or noona but I still prefer to be called by my name.
definitely not the friendliest person on earth, moreover in kpop fandom. but at least I always try to be nice to those who are also nice to me.
I'm a cat lover and I strongly dislike snake. orange and pink are my favorite colors. I'm right-handed. just some random facts about myself.
I love writing and abusing photoshop. I'm not saying I'm best at it, but I guess I can consider myself good enough at it.

about fandom.
I love some groups but for some reasons I never label myself as a member of their fanclubs. like for example I love super junior but I can never call myself an ELF. same thing goes for my other favorite groups. I'm an independent fangirl and I just don't really like being "tied" to a certain fandom/fanclub, if you understand what I mean.
the main artists that I love and follow the most are super junior, SNSD, and I've been stanning EXO a lot for the past months. I also like and follow the other artists such as 2NE1, SHINee, IU, TVXQ, SISTAR, B1A4, and many more, but not as much as the main three.
most of the times I think I love my bias alone more than the group s/he belongs to. my ultimate biases are kyuhyun and seohyun. and ever since I became an EXO stan I found myself spazzing a lot about their leader, suho.
other than kpop fandom, I also belong to some anime/manga fandoms. my number one favorite anime/manga is detective conan. I also love cardcaptor sakura, the prince of tennis, and yakitate! japan. kudou shinichi is my first love and ultimate bias.

about pairings.
I'm not really into non-hetero pairings but that was before I entered EXO fandom, LOL. now I'm more open to non-hetero pairings like I ship almost all pairings within EXO, especially baekyeol, kaisoo, suchen, etc.
my ultimate hetero OTP is seokyu. you can tell that I'm a hardcore wire. a protective one, in fact, and I hate myself for that.
I have certain pairings that I dislike and I really don't want to talk about it. even their names alone upsets me.

well, I guess that's all from me. feel free to ask me anything in the comment section :)

and if you happen to be a fan (or merely a reader) of my fics, you can click the link below to access the master list of my works. thank you so much for reading my not-so-good fics but please take note that I'm not fond of silent readers and I strongly despise copycat and/or thief. I know I'm practically a nugu but I beg you not to re-post or re-upload my works without my permission, thanks.
( master fic list )
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